Wings Learning System

Wings Learning System is built for skill set mastery in math, reading, writing and building confidence. There is no other learning solution like Wings Learning System. Powered by proprietary adaptive learning technology, Wings Learning System offers personalised learning that differentiates content, pace and sequence to build confidence and skill set mastery.

Comprehensive and Individualized.

Wings curriculum features over 300,000 questions, Pre-K through 6th grade, covering fundamentals in math, reading and writing
which automatically adapts to your child’s proficiency levels.

Makes Learning Fun.

Wings Challenge makes learning fun and engaging by including game mechanics
and nabi Coins to motivate your kids
to learn and earn.

Gives You Real Insight.

Wings N-site gives real-time analytics and reporting on a child’s proficiency, time spent and recommended areas of improvement.

Aligned to Common
Core State Standards.

Wings is aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) covering key fundamentals and topics that children are required to know to pass from one grade to the next.