Time Controls.

Living in a world of tablets, it’s important to keep a good balance of physical activity and screen time. Time Controls allows parents to set daily limits for tablet use, individual app use and create rules for earning extra time for your kids favourite games and videos for learning.

nabi Time Limits.

Limit how much time your child spends on their nabi by setting time limits. Even set the time when your nabi goes to sleep and when it
wakes up.

App Time Limits.

Limit how much time your child spends on individual apps and games. You can also control how much time your child spends on apps by setting time limits for groups of apps.

Tracking and Reporting.

Get real-time tracking and reporting of your child’s nabi and app usage. Monitor which apps and games your child is spending the most time on and manage time limits accordingly.

Time Rewards.

Time Rewards encourages your child to spend more time learning with educational apps by rewarding them with more nabi® time or time with their favourite apps and games.

It’s Not a Tablet, It’s a Friend.

Time Controls is the only time controls that speak to you. nabi Face and his friend Red Bird will tell your children when it's time for their nabi to go to sleep, wake up and so much more.