Your Content Made Easy.

Faster, higher resolution and more powerful are all good things that matter. However, it's when technology is invisible and second to the solutions it provides that it becomes a part of your
life. nabi Sync + Cloud let you transfer, backup, and sync your files wherever you are, wirelessly
and effortlessly.

Get nabi Sync

Free Download for PC & Mac

Sync Without Wires.

nabi Sync is a PC or Mac application (available for download) that lets you synchronize your photos, music, movies, and more. And, transfer them to and from your nabi. Your stuff...made easy. No wires or SD cards. Simply install the application on your computer and sync. Easy!

Your Stuff, Anywhere.

nabi Cloud does more than just store your content. It backs it up! Effortlessly keep your apps, games, music, movies, and photos in nabi Cloud and never set up a second nabi again. It's automatic...sync your content to nabi Cloud and see it magically appear on your nabi! Includes 2GB of FREE storage!

Scan and Create Libraries.

nabi Sync takes your digital media and organizes it in one place. You can listen, watch, and play right from nabi Sync.

*nabi Sync and nabi Cloud require nabi tablet. nabi tablet not included.