Blue Morpho.

nabi OS 3.0, “Blue Morpho,” starts with Android KitKat and adds over 400 kid-focused, parent-approved features including:

Time Controls

Time Controls allows parents to set daily limits for tablet use, individual app use and create rules for earning extra time for your kids favourite games and videos for learning.

Treasure Box
and nabi Coins

Treasure Box is the first mobile application store curated just for kids. Buy games and apps with nabi Coins, a parent managed virtual currency that teaches children how to save, earn and spend money.

nabi Play and nabi Web

Kid-safe access to top kid-friendly websites and streaming videos. Create customised channels of your child’s favourite content.

nabi Utilities Suite

Learn to read and manage time, calendars, events and weather.

nabi Konnect

Connect with family and friends with kid-friendly and safe instant messaging, email and photos sharing apps.

Wings Learning System

Learn with the first, tablet-based adaptive learning system built for skill set mastery
in math, reading and writing, and for
building confidence.

Some Blue Morpho features only available in the U.S.