Our Wings Learning System™ is specifically designed to boost confidence as it builds mastery of reading, writing and math.

Our tablets feature plenty of parent-approved games and entertainment. They also inspire creative play with art, music and more.

Helping your kids make good choices, even when you’re not looking. They earn nabi Coins®; when they complete lessons or finish chores in Chore List.

It’s not just a tablet.

It’s a springboard for greatness.

Kids are smart enough to know the difference between a toy that keeps them briefly occupied, and a powerful, full-featured Android tablet that helps them achieve their academic potential, express their creativity and have a lot of fun while they’re at it. Which is why we design our tablets with your child’s creative, scholastic and social success in mind. We know that ultimately, our products will not be measured by how many technological bells and whistles they may have, but by the innumerable ways children will use them to shock the world with their creativity and brilliance. Because we don’t just want your child to be busy. We want him or her to be amazing.

Learning for life.

Make sure your child masters the
skills that lead to success.

You want to give your child every advantage, especially when it comes to education. nabi does, too. And the truth is, there are skill sets and core fundamentals that absolutely must be mastered in early childhood to ensure long-term academic success. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive educational system that’s tailor-made to your child’s specific learning needs, from toddler to tween.

Comprehensive and Individualized.

Wings curriculum features over 300,000 questions, Pre-K through 6th grade, covering fundamentals in math, reading and writing
which automatically adapts to your child’s proficiency levels.

Makes Learning Fun.

Wings Challenge makes learning fun and engaging by including game mechanics
and nabi Coins to motivate your kids
to learn and earn.

Gives You Real Insight.

Wings N-site gives real-time analytics and reporting on a child’s proficiency, time spent and recommended areas of improvement.

Aligned to Common
Core State Standards.

Wings is aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) covering key fundamentals and topics that children are required to know to pass from one grade to the next.

They’re not just the most comprehensive parental controls in the market, they’re
the most intelligent.

Dual Modes

nabi tablets truly are the best of both worlds, providing your child the freedom to safely explore on their own, while giving you ultimate control as well as an Android experience that only you have access to with a password.

Time Controls®

People tend to think of time controls in a pretty linear fashion that centers around “On” and “Off.” But done intelligently, these controls can be so much more than that. nabi offers the most comprehensive suite of parental controls in the market, which not only allow you to manage session times, but see which apps your child is using the most, create custom rewards for time spent on academic pursuits and promote exercise usage. In fact, we’ve even made the "off" process smarter by having our animated character, nabi Face and his friend Red Bird, tell your son or daughter it’s time to power down, so that that you don’t have to be the bad guy.

nabi Konnect

The safe way for kids to chat,
share and email.

Sharing is a big part of showing the world what you can do, and kids can do it safely with a parent-approved friend network that's COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant. nabi Konnect allows parents to create a safe contact list of friends and family so kids can share instant messages, emails, photos and more with the people who can’t wait to see them shine.

Making good choices.

nabi Coins, a bankable digital currency, allows you to motivate your child to make good choices through daily chores with Chore List or learning in Wings, all which can be earned and spent in Treasure Box for apps, games and so much more. So it's not just about limiting time on our devices. It's also about rewarding good behaviour and hard work. And making sure you don't have to look over your child's shoulder to know they're exploring safely and responsibly.

Grown-up technology that
grows with your child.

Technology is only as good as what you can do with it. So we’ve chosen the best possible partners to make our tablets unparalleled powerhouses of potential for your kids. For this new generation of tech-savvy tots, a toy tablet simply won’t cut it. Kids want what you’ve got in your own tablet – a high definition, multi-touch display, sleek design, speedy performance, Wi-Fi, stereo speakers and so much more. Plus, with plenty of colourful accessories to choose from, kids can make each tablet uniquely their own. Child’s play, indeed.

Some Blue Morpho features only available in the U.S.