Faster than a kindle fire more powerful than an ipad 2.
Speed Plus Power Equals Amazing Experience.
Learn.Play.Grow.For Life.
Academically and Instructionally Sound Learning.
Deliver Rich and Engaging Experience.
Teaching Children How to Make Good Choices.
Solutions, Not Features.
The Best Android Tablet Available made For Kids.

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quote_open nabi tablet is amazing, definitely more than I expected. There was so much time, thought, and money put into this product. Fuhu really hit it out of the park on this one!! LOVE IT!! :) close_quote
Kim M.
quote_open I think you are the BEST company EVER! I have NEVER had a company who cares so much about the consumer and does everything within its power to make things right! I seriously LOVE the nabi... and wish that I had gotten one for my son instead of his Kindle Fire. close_quote
Carmen P.
quote_open So my question is simple...nabi, when do you sleep? Your customer service is amazing. close_quote
Rebecca B.
quote_open My daughter is so excited she now has her own nabi. Thank you to Fuhu for making such an awesome tablet, and for providing OUT OF THIS WORLD customer service. close_quote
Robyn D.
quote_open We also have an Innotab, a couple Leapster Explorers, a V-smile handheld, and an old Leapster l Max but the nabi is of course always the one everyone wants to use. close_quote
Nicole J.
quote_open Great product, great company, uniquely superior level of customer service! close_quote
Catherine D.
quote_open Great customer service is so very hard to find. You have well exceeded my level of expectations!!!! close_quote
Devon M.
quote_open You guys are good. Thanks for the great support; it's kind of scary having a company be this good. close_quote
Ivan G.
quote_open You guys are awesome. You came out with a product that no one else has thought of and I love that my kids have their own tablet that is not a toy like the others on the market. close_quote
Rebecca B.
quote_open My child loves her nabi and is rarely without it. This is huge since she's never coveted anything before this! She has atypical autism... it's great that she has a favorite anything. close_quote
Lan C.
quote_open As a long time, heavy iPad user, I was a bit skeptical at first, but the nabi is PERFECT for my 5 and 7 year old and exactly what I was hoping for when shopping for a tablet for them. The customer service at Fuhu has been phenomenal. close_quote
Kelley M.
quote_open This product has changed our life. My son has autism and he is 2 years old. He now reciprocates and plays with his dad, his brother, his sister and me. Before he didn't even acknowledge them. He can write and say 1-30, all the ABCs and do complex puzzles all because of this product. I really cannot say enough about this product. close_quote
Lindsay S.
quote_open The nabis saved the day on our flight across the country yesterday!!! Thank you nabi! All 3 worked flawlessly! THANK YOU!!! close_quote
Liz S.
quote_open We just love it. I bought it for my daughter's 21st birthday. Hannah has Down syndrome and this is a godsend for her. Now she feels like she has her own laptop and I don't have to worry about it getting destroyed as it was made for kids. close_quote
Kris P.
quote_open Every interaction I have had with you all has been nothing short of excellence and I cannot promote your product (not just the nabi but your service behind it) enough! close_quote
Ninali S.
quote_open I'm still finding new things on my kid's nabi everyday. I'm more excited then they are. Every time I find that my son has difficulty in a certain area like reading, math, counting... I love the fact that I can find an app that's perfect for him to study and learn. close_quote
Mykia J.
quote_open Best customer care! I really feel like we matter. close_quote
Kristi S.
quote_open A great product + a helpful community = a satisfied consumer!!!! Thank you nabi and FB community :) close_quote
Nakimah B.
quote_open I just got my nabi!!! My son's first word was, 'WOW'. close_quote
Karina A.
quote_open Two weeks ago I bought a nabi for my 6 year old and bought a Leap Pad for my 4 year old... returning the Leap Pad today, the 4 year old wants the nabi! close_quote
Toya J.
quote_open Just unboxed our nabis and haven't put it down since. This was worth the LONG wait...We're very impressed with what we got for the price we paid. Built extremely well. Even the packaging was top-notch. It's preloaded with apps, books, music, and I had no problem using the same parent logins for both. close_quote
Fallon P.
quote_open My son loves his nabi!! Thank you for inventing a great tablet for kids!! close_quote
Lisa W.
quote_open Best customer service I have received from ANY company EVER. close_quote
Yarita R.
quote_open Just wanted to say thanks! After being frustrated with the garbage our daughter manages to access on the iPad2/Galaxy Tab, this was a real lifesaver. She absolutely loves it and we can control everything that she accesses on it with ease. Definitely recommended! close_quote
Aevan L.

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Learn. Play. Grow. For Life.

Learn. Play. Grow. For Life.

Educational, fun, enriching and easy to use...nabi made for you!

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